Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Holkham NNR's Wonderful Volunteers

Throughout this year I have worked with some wonderful volunteers. They have been very busy working on the reserve and between them they have contributed to over 1000 hours of their time. The work carried out is crucial in helping us implement our important conservation work. We could not achieve what we do without their support.

Working hard or hardly working!

The diversity of our volunteers bring all sorts of skills and experiences as well as lots of entertaining stories. Throughout the year we have called on our growing team of volunteers to help us with all aspects of reserve work from cutting down encroaching willow in the reedbeds, carrying out wildlife surveys or collecting litter from the beach. Rain, hail or shine the volunteers are always willing to work hard.

No task is to great or too small.

In the two years I have worked with these fantastic people I have never had a complaint no matter how miserable the weather or how hard the task is. In return for a cuppa  and a caramel digestive we get commitment, hard work and lots of enthusiasm.

We removed well over 100 bags of litter from the beach this year.

From the reserve team, thank you so very much for all the time and effort you put in, your hard work is massively appreciated and makes a huge difference to the wildlife in the reserve.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas! See you again next year!

If you’re interested in volunteering at Holkham NNR, check out our volunteering page here. If you fancy becoming a volunteer on one of the most amazing spectacular reserves in the UK then send an email to j.holt@holkham.com