Monday, 23 November 2015

A Peaceful Corner of Pinewoods Holiday Park

Abrahams Bosom is nestled amongst the bustling Pinewood Holiday Park. This often over looked part of Holkham and is a peaceful haven for both wildlife and the caravan residents.  Last week the warden staff and volunteers were working hard to remove the rank grassland taking over the meadow and thinning dense birch thickets. This was to encourage more wild flowers, insects and birds to use the area.  Due to the inaccessible nature of the site this was mostly done by hand and the hard work of our volunteers.  Our final task was to establish a path for the tractor in to the grass meadow. Allowing the tractor to cut the meadow next year will save a lot of time and hard work!

Volunteers burning the cut grass.

This SSSI site is popular with many small mammals such a Common Shrews, Harvest Mice and Hedgehogs. Predators such as Tawny Owls and Peregrine Falcons are seen hunting in the evenings. Larger animals like Muntjac Deer can often be heard barking and if you are very lucky you might even get a rare glimpse of the Wells Otters.

A Common Shrew takes shelter in a pot as we
 were brush cutting

This site has lots of varied and unique habitat (including the reserve’s only Heather plants!) and we are looking forward to seeing the site develop into the future.

You would never know you were surrounded by a 
Holiday Park!