Monday, 14 December 2015

Forestry on the Holkham NNR

Over the last few weeks the Holkham NNR wardens have been working closely with the Forestry Department to remove dead trees in the pine woods at Holkham Gap.
Two years ago a storm surge through Norfolk causing significant damage to coastal areas, Holkham NNR was no different. The strong wind low pressure and high tides flooded the reserve. Pine trees are a hardy species but once the sea water worked its way into their roots they began to die. Approximately 400 dead trees and will be cut down before Christmas.

The team all ready to go! 

400 trees sounds like an alarming number but this is a very small percentage of the woodland. Where possible trees will be left as dead wood which is an important habitat for many insects and birds but most will be felled as they are next to busy footpaths around Holkham Gap.

The tree trunks were cut into lengths and loaded onto 
a trailer to be taken to the bio mass boiler.

The timber from the felled trees is not going to waste! It is being taken to the biomass boiler to produce heat for the Hall and Victoria Hotel. Even the branches are chipped and used by the garden department on the estate.  The remaining unused material is burnt with the help from your wonderful volunteers!

Inspecting the wood chip which was used throughout 
the estate.

So next time you walk through the woodland look out for what new species pop up in these new open areas!