Monday, 18 January 2016

Cold War Conservation

The North Norfolk coast is famous for its abundance of wildlife. This is because of the chain of almost uninterrupted nature reserves from Dersingham Bog to Felbrigg Estate. These reserves are run by a range of organisations including the RSPB, National Trust, Natural England and of course Holkham Estate.

Holkham NNR borders Stiffkey and last week we joined forces with the National Trust's warden team to conserve the Whirligig. This curious looking structure lies at the far east of the reserve and is the remains of a Cold War rotary launcher which propelled drones over Warham Marsh for target practice.

A spectacular view over Warham Marsh.

It was a beautifully sunny day when we were joined by George, Faith and Helena. The Whirligig was renowned for its abundance of orchids and it was our task to restore the site by removing rank grassland and encroaching brambles. With a combination of brushcutters, chainsaws, teamwork and a roaring fire we cleared over half the area.

Team photo!

We would like to thank the Blakeney Point warden team for their help and for making the day so enjoyable. Fingers crossed that next summer this area will once again be filled with orchids.

 The sun setting over the Whirligig.