Monday, 11 May 2015

The Rarest of Birds - Citril Finch

Yesterday marked a historic day for Holkham Nature Reserve Reserve as the rare Citril Finch was seen at Overy Dunes. First seen by Marcus Nash early on Sunday, news soon spread and well over a thousand people journeyed from every corner of the UK to see this European visitor. This is only the UK’s second sighting of this bird.

The Citril Finch displayed well for the hundreds 
of people who came to see it on Sunday.

Likely blown from northern Spain, across Biscay, Brittany and The Channel straight to Norfolk by the strong south easterly wind, this Alpine Finch is usually seen in the mountain pinewoods of the Pyrenees rather than the coastal dunes of Norfolk.

Last seen at 06:20 today (Monday 11/5/15), it is likely to have moved on, but our fingers are crossed for a reappearance!